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Angelic Gardens

Angelic Gardens was founded by Angy Edison in 2002. Since then, Angelic Gardens has grown into a fruit, vegetable, walk through garden, and orchard that spans just over 5 acres. We offer seasonal produce, Avon and Mark, sewing, and freshly baked items.

Our walk through garden is still fairly young and is always changing and growing.

With each change of the season there is sure to be a change in what's happening at Angelic Gardens, so be sure to check back often!

Throughout the year, Angelic Gardens has many activities, events, and festivals for the whole family to enjoy! To see some upcoming events check our online calendar.

Some of the fun includes:

•Halloween at the Gardens
•Wagon Rides
•Pumpkin carving
•Santa visits
•Christmas wagon rides
•Easter Egg hunts
•Christmas open house
•Scavenger hunts
•Avon and mark. parties
•Fall festivals
•NDSF Parade participation-look for us to get free stuff!
•and so much more!!

We have many plans for our gardens including more trees, shrubs, flowers, fountains, paths, more benches and ponds...

Our Store building is just being used for Halloween at the Gardens and storage at present, but we plan to completely redo it to look like a little Victorian shop! This store will be where you weigh your produce, pick up Avon and baked goods orders, make in person orders and reservations, come for alterations, find out the daily specials, prices, and deals. Out front there will be little bistro sets to sit, talk, enjoy the weather, and eat some freshly baked 'items of the day' using our own produce that is in season. We will have pies, muffins, bars, rolls, and many other savory treats.

Check out the progress on our website photo gallery and our Facebook Page

There are many more changes to be done!

Please like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/angelicgardens
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