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Woosley Farm

2780 Woosley Rd., Pfafftown, North Carolina, USA, 27040
Living History

Take a walk back in time from the present to pre-history stopping along the way to experience 1900’s food preservation and 18th century backwoods colonization.

An Educational Experience

Age appropriate tours for elementary students with information and activities aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

Veteran Teachers

Wayne and Riely Woosley each have a lifetime of teaching experience spanning all ages of learners. Until their recent retirement, class fieldtrips to the farm were favorite experiences of their students.

Tour Woosley Farm

Tours are hands-on experiences primarily for elementary students. Other special tours can be arranged. The 18th Century living history experiences can be combined with the activities below or brought to your school.

Driving from Winston-Salem to The Woosley Farm.
Starting at the intersection of I-40 Business and I-40 Bypass going West:

Merge onto US-421
Go north 7 miles on 421
Take the Lewisville Exit (the next exit past the Lewisville/Clemmons exit)
At the top of the exit ramp, turn right on Williams Road.
Go 0.2 miles to Shallowford Road. There is a shopping center with a Lowes Foods Store in it on the left just before Shallowford Road.
Turn left onto Shallowford Road
Go 0.9 miles to Conrad Road
Turn right onto Conrad Road. This road is lined with rows of trees on each side, with fenced fields just beyond them.
Go 2.1 miles. Conrad Road becomes Yadkinville Road, although you probably will not notice this change
Go 0.6 miles further to Beroth Road
Turn left onto Beroth Road. This road winds down a hill and then back up but cannot be driven with great speed.
Go 1.6 miles until Beroth Road ends at River Ridge Road (NC-1443)
Turn left onto River Ridge Road
Go 1.0 mile to Woosley Road. You will twist down a fairly steep hill, turn almost 90 degrees to the left just after crossing a small bridge, turn sharply back to the right and pass a small pond on the left.
Turn left onto Woosley Road (NC-1444).
Go 0.6 miles to 2780 Woosley Road. The Farm is a white farmhouse on the right at the bottom of the hill.
Park on the grassy shoulder along Woosley Road.
There is a bus turnaround at the top of the hill past the driveway.