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Archontiko Rousias

9 Ioanni Makriyianni, 2740 Palaichori, Nicosia, Europe, Cyprus, 2740
+357 22750605
+357 22760926
The Archontiko is located in the mountains picturesque village of Palaichori. The family of Rousias has roots going back hundreds of years deep into the rich history of Palaichori. As with Palaichori, the Archontiko and the Rousias and Eleftheriades family have experienced generations of Palaichori life including farming, agriculture, and crafts such the the 'vourka'.

The architectural design of the Archontiko has remained the same with great indoor and outdoor living. There are two deluxe suites and a standard double room. There is a shared kitchen with all required cooking utensils. The outdoor living is superb! Enjoy the refreshing 'drosia' of crisp and refreshing clean air of Palaichori in hot summer days, and the soothing trickling of the stram in the short winter season. There are balconies for each suite, a main balcony connecting the east and west ends of the archontiko and a courtyard underneath this, also connecting the east and west ends. There is also a sheltered open air room that sits on top of flowing stream in the winter months, enjoy the stream soothingly flowing under you, 'rest on the river'.
Background: Archontiko Rousias - Rousias Mansion

The Archontiko (The Mansion) was built in the year 1915 by Panayi Rousia (1883-1968), who got engaged to Kyriakou (of the Kylili family). Panayi and Kyriakou were married in 1920 and started a family of four children. There they lived right throughout the rest of their lives.

In the year 2000, Panayiotis Eleftheriades (grandson of Panayi and Kyriakou Rousia) decided in the conversion of the building into a traditional guest room accommodation, believing in the development of tourism in the area of Palaichori having sight of its rich history and its unique picture of natural beauty.

Architecture of the building was Michalis Tsiaklis and the builder was the ADACO Construction Ltd (Costas Constantinou).

This project was partly financed by European treasury of Peripheral Development of agro tourism (EVROPAIKO TAMIO PERIFEREIAKIS ANAPTYXIS TIS EVROPAIKIS ENOSIS) and the Republic of Cyprus.

The revival and conversion works of the building into guest room accommodation have commenced and completion for operation has now been made, in 2006.

It is probably the largest private investment in agrotourism which has happened till now in the area, which undoubtedly will contribute in the creation of the essential infrastructure for the development of tourism in the area.

Beyond the restoration and accession of the mansion, in the context of rural tourism in the form of guest room accommodation, our intention is to give a character experience in some pursuits that form part of the Archontiko-Mansion and the culture in general.

The Archontiko was built and lived in at the time when the Rousias family and Palaichori were in a traditional and most thriving handicraft and agriculture industry. These include, fabrication of cultural works such as woodcarving, weaving with the loom,