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The Dali Museum

1 Dali Blvd., St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, 33701
1-727- 623-4708
The Art of Agro-tourism;
The Dalí Museum for an exciting cross-cultural journey through surreal art. The Dali museum and grounds are a unique venue, unlike any in the Tampa Bay area. Designed by HOK of Tampa, the Dali features the only Novum glass structure in the Western hemisphere. Our museum collection contains 2,140 Dali paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings, the largest collection of Dali's work outside of Spain.

The Avant Gardens on the St Pete waterfront creates a unique environment of learning and tranquility. The Mathematical Garden allows life students of all ages to experience the relationship between math and nature. The labyrinth in the southeast corner invites exploration and well-being. The gardens were inspired both by local flora and by Dali's fascination with duality, art, and nature. The Avant-gardens consist of the West Garden, the Grotto, and the East Garden.

The West Garden defines the passenger drop off area. Pineland acacia, verbina glandularia, and wild petunias adorn the entry path and attract butterflies. Butterflies were fascinating to Dali as transformative creatures.

The Grotto is a place of cavernous shade, fabulous plants, and pooling water. Water splashes, reflected light from the pond plays on the ceiling, and the living wall rises on one side. The living wall is a dazzling display of orchids, peperomias and ferns, and bromeliads. This green wall is irrigated and self-sustaining, and what is usually flat stands up vertically. This is a place of a different order, urging us to be ready for the unexpected!

The East Garden is inspired by Dali's homeland and his fascination with math. Dali celebrates the eccentric landscape of the Costa Brava, sculpted by the Tramontana-south-wind, in many of his works. We, in turn, have made wind-scoured stones an important element of our garden. One of these rocks was gifted to the Dali Museum by the Mayor and the people of Cadaques, Spain and is placed in a central position in the East Garden.

Also in the East Garden are homages to the mathematical principles: Pi and the Fibonacci sequence. A labyrinth, modeled after the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral, stands at one end of the East Garden.

Your group will learn how to look at artworks and nature from a famous artist through fun, thought-provoking, interactive guided tours. We welcome inquiries from Individuals, Corporate Partners of the Dali Museum, non-profit institutions, and clients hosting private parties.

We offer a variety of admission options to accommodate most budgets, including special discounts for groups of 10 or more.
A visit to the Dali Museum will ensure beautiful one-of-a-kind memories that will last for a lifetime. I hope you would consider the Dali Museum for your group visit to St. Petersburg and Tamp Bay, Florida.
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